I am using ZCM 10.2, created base image that contains windows xp and the latest windows update for each PC that contains a standard hardware configuration. Note that I do not want the ZCM agent be on the image because I will not put the ZCM agent on all PCs.

My plan is when I have to setup a new PC, I will manually restore the image to a brand new PC with a new hard drive, then after the image is restored, I will boot up with XP and then run sysprep to generate a new and unique SID for Windows.

I will then use discovery task to find the new PC and then use deployment task to deploy the agent so that it will register with the proper registration key.

My concern is how do I ensure the restored image will generate an unique key. Should I run "zisedit -c" after I PXE boot and before I restore the image.

I found a few posts people complaining duplicate GUID when installing ZCM agent and I have encountered one similar issue (and I have only used the restored image on 4 PCs).

Any suggestion for the steps to restore an image to a new PC would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance