I need to clarify a problem that I have, it is probable that to one of you has happened him.
I explain to them the scenario that I have implemented in a client for the company in which I work.

I have installed a cluster of OES2 Suse it has more than enough 10sp1, in the I have implemented services of files there is impression (iPrint), this cluster has entered it in a mixed eDirectory, that is to say that is conformed by nds7 (Netware 5.0), nds 8 (netware 5.1), nds 8.82 (Netware 6.5).

queerly when I disable the login in one of the systems with netware 5.0, the users are prevented to enter to the directory, I cannot enter neither to the 5.0, 65 and OES2 it has more than enough suse.

In definitive I am not able to deshabiliar the login in netware 5.0 or I leave without services to the users.

The company like alone politics of security allows a connection, for what the alone users can enter in simultaneous form a single time.

When the user restarts the computer, the system it doesn't allow him to enter because the alone user can enter alone once, I revise the nw5.0 (nonitor), the 5.1, the nw6.5 and the oes2 have more than enough Suse and there is not rake of the connection, but they cannot enter even this way later until some minutes.

by way of test I have enabled the I number from connection to 3, but the symptom continues.

Gentlemen, has somebody had this symptom?, does some parameter that can modify in OES2 exist?
This didn't happen until after beginning to connect the users to OES2 Suse it has more than enough.

thank you