We normally view the access rule logs via NWAmin32.
This pulls in the log files in SYS:ETC\Proxy\Log\http\common\
according to
the date limits specified when viewing the logs.

The problem we have is that during the replacement of the server hard
on which these directories reside, the log files were cut and pasted
to a
location on a different server and volume in order to reduce the size
of the
ghost immage.

BorderManager was restarted on the new drive, with the same
except the common logs were missing.
Logs generated since then are able to be view without any trouble. We
need to view some of the logs from the time previous to the upgrade. I

copied the oder logs back to their correct location, however these
older log
files are invisible to Bordermanager.

What needs to be done so we can view the older log files in NWAdmin32

Geoff Taylor, Manager IT
Carine Senior High School
Western Australia