I have a customer who has been using several NetWare6.5 with SP6 servers + old ZEN3.5.
I am planning to wipe existing old ZEN3.5; then, install ZCM10.0.3 and configure it from the scratch.

Could you point the error if any errors on my plan or give me suggestins, pls?

Currently, there are several NetWare6.5 servers in a single subnet and two new servers for SLES10 will be purchased - one for OES2 and another for ZCM10.

1. Update SP6 to SP7 on NetWare6.5
2. Install SLES10SP1 32bit with OES2 32bit on a new server
3. Move Master NDS to SLES10 from NetWare6.5
4. Install another SLES10SP 32bit and Novell Client on it for ZCM10.0.3
5. Create NSS on SLES10 for ZCM10
6. Install ZCM10.0.3 on SLES for ZCM
7. Remote old ZEN3.5 on NetWare6.5 server from the tree

This old ZEN3.5 server is dedicated to ZEN and nothing else on it.
Other NetWare6.5 servers keep providing the same services as before.

Are any non-recommended tasks or missing tasks in my plan?