Curious how others are handling this.

There is normally a helpdesk person, user A, that will log into the PC
to setup workstation account information. When doing this that novell
user creates an .ASC file in c:\nalcache\<tree>\<user>.asc that has a
list of associated applications, lets say MYAPP, to that user A.

Also the user that is going to be associated to this workstation, user
B, they create a .ASC file that has their own set of user associated
applications, such as MYAPP.

Now if MYAPP is unassociated to user B the application should
uninstall. However when you refresh NAL it looks at all the .ASC files
in the NALCache folder to determine if a user is still associated to
that application, which in this case user A is still associated. So
the application won't uninstall, as per Novell Document ID: 10099004

I have a few idea's on how to work around this feature:
1.) Create an application that removes all other .ASC files from the
workstation except for the user that is associated to the workstation,
the primary user.

2.) Create a dummy account for all helpdesk users that when they login
there is no apps associated to that account so when a user such as
user B is unassociated from an application no other users will have
a .ASC file with MYAPP associated.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.