We have ZEN 7 SP1 Ir3
Netware 6.5 Sp7

We have a dual boot image
P1 = Windows XP
P2 = Linux
P4 = Linux area for users

WE Don't Currently use the ZENworks Imaging Agent..

We deliver the image using an Imaging script, this works nicely

If I remove the ZISEDIT information to clear the settings, all works
well and the PC will re-image itself.

I have a local Workstation Policy for Imaging that has a rule to state
the machine must be on the student network..

If I tell the workstation to image on next boot, this does not work, PXE
thinks there is no work to do and does a local boot. Do I need to be
using the ZENworks Imaging Agent for this to work? (I hope NOT...)

I am hoping that the Imaging Engine does some kind of eDirectory lookup?

Thanks for any info