We migrate the whole GroupWise with document library to another server. The
server name and IP address are different from the old server. After the
migraiton, all email could be retrieve properly. However, the POA could not
find the storage area during the startup. All paths have been changed to
the new location. The old path message was showed on the NetWare server
screen once the POA is started.

So, I moved back the document library back to the original location and
changed the path in ConsoleOne. The "Path not found message was gone", but
I found the error message in the POA (Indexing only) - "Invalid path C06A".
When user retrieve the document and then save it, it also showed "Invalid
path c06A" and the document could not be returned to library. It still kept
on the temp folder. It occurred most of the document but not ALL.

How can I move the storage area to the new server without this error?