Hello all: I have begun to see some strange behavior with
our ZENworks (7.0.1) provided group policies. This behavior
began when I set up our windows domain (did not want to but
had to do it) on our windows server 2003 r2 servers. We use
ZENworks to push down group policy settings for both user
groups and workstation groups. Group policies that are
workstation-specific get pushed to the workstation group,
all user settings go to user groups.

OK - the big thing that is giving me trouble is the ****
Windows Firewall. I have it disabled under computer policy
but every now and then it gets turned back on. Also, for
some reason Internet Explorer gets reset as our default
browser (we use FireFox).

I have the policy setup as loopback - merge. It is my
understanding that these policies should be the last
applied. I suspect that the domain servers are somehow
mucking this up.

Can you help me out, Thanks. Chris