Hello All, i have a tricky problem that i was hoping i could get more help and insight on troublsehooting. We have 5 Novell Netware 6.5 SP7 email only servers all running groupwise, emc networker backup software and mcaffee AV. One of them gives us trouble every couple weeks (the amount of time between the problem is never the same). What happens is that the server's processor utilization and the amount of used memory doubles. This causes the performance for our users to suffer. After checking out the graphs in remote manager, every night at 9PM the utilization and memory usage double and then returns to normal around 1am. This is most likely caused by daily backups. The problem is that once every couple weeks, the processor utilization and mem usage will double but it will never return to normal. Do you guys know what other troubleshooting steps to take to figure this out? When this is happening i will usually check the profile/debug info but never know what to look for. All of our email servers are at SP7 and have the same version of TSAFS. Thanks!!