I'm entertaining the idea again of having a second private non routable
network for the purposes of doing backups. I ran into some issues with
this last time with backup exec not properly finding servers, things
which I think I can get around.

The one problem I ran into however was that some of my servers would
bind their services so that secondary nic. (HP DL360 G4's with 2 nic's
in them).

Short of moving the load and bind statements for nic #2 down near the
bottom of autoexec.ncf, is there a better way to make sure they always
attach to the primary nic?

Main network 192.168.xx.xx, secondary network for backups 10.x.x.x, no
routing in between. The 10.x.x.x nics would connect to their own switch
which is not connected in any way to the main network.