I am running Messenger V2.0.3 on NW6.5 SP7. It is a small system, about 350 Groupwise users of which only 50 or so are using messenger.
I have been dealing with this recurring error message AE07 "Could not create or duplicate a directory context" which results in the user being unable to log in.
It usually starts small, 1 or 2 users, and then slowly spreads to the other users as well. Restarting the agent temporarily fixes the issue, but it does come back.
I followed some of the TID's that I found (deleting and recreating the scope profiles, etc...) but to no avail. I also ran a dsrepair on the server, which came back clean. I did found one TID, 2974732, which refers to a hot patch for V2.0.2 which was supposed to fix this exact issue. Am I mistaken in thinking that the hot patch would be automatically included in V2.0.3?

If anyone has any ideas or pointers, I'd appreciate it.

Eddy Coopmans
Systems Administrator
Village of Palatine
ecoopmans (at) palatine (dot) il (dot) us