Here lately I've noticed a lot more programs supporting OpenOffice and a
lot fewer supporting WordPerfect. So I figured it's time to really give
OpenOffice a good try and start converting docs over to it.

So anyway. The first obstacle I face was how to make a three in top
margin on the first page and a three-quarter inch margin on all
following pages. Susan clued me in and problem was solved albeit not as
easy as WordPerfect does it.

My second problem thus far is that in our document we put the file path
and name on the left side of the footer and the page number and page
count on the right side of the footer. Very easy to do in WordPerfect.
I haven't yet figured out how to do it in OpenOffice. I've seen a few
tutorials that showed it in the header, but they didn't describe how it
was done. Susan tried to help me out with this one, but neither method
you gave me worked well (thanks any ways Susan).

The next problem I foresee is legal pleadings, but I have a feeling
OpenOffice will manage this ok.

I'm not giving up though. OpenOffice doesn't appear to be as easy to
use or as feature complete as WordPerfect, but it's free and is getting
better support than WordPerfect. I might have to make some consessions
in formatting, but so far it's not been a really bad experience.

Matthew - The Great System Tyrant