We are changing our networks at the moment and have noticed a problem with
Windows XP clients not being able to get a PDHCP address - this is the
network changes in a bit more detail.

We have 5 floors. Each floor has a network switch stack which has been
assigned to a Windows 2003 server DHCP scope. The clients now get their DHCP
IP address from what ever scope they are connected to. The addresses have
changed from 10.1/16 to 192.168/23 and as the clients move onto the new
network switch stack they then obtain their new ip range - we are moving
machines slowly over to the new switches.

We have a zenworks imaging server on the 10.1/16 subnet and a Novell DHCP
server assigning all DHCP address on the 10.1 /16 lan - any client connected
to the 10.1/lan does get a PDHCP address

I would like any current machines on the 10.1/16 lan to get a PDHCP address
from the Novell DHCP, and any clients connectewd to the 192.168/23 lan to
obtain a PDHCP address from the relevent scope.

Can anyone help me to get this configured. Currently clients on the
192.168/23 subnet hang when trying to obtain a PDHCP address.

Thanks in advance