First, I hope this is the correct forum for this post. We will soon be migrating NW65 servers to OES2 Linux. I have setup a test environment to go through the migration procedures, document, and note any issues encountered. This has brought up one question for me as I am relatively new to Linux and still learning.

On the NetWare servers we have an NSS volume where we store ISO files for specific applications. The ISO images are mounted as NSS volumes by the NSS /MountImageVolume= command and is done on boot up of the server with a statement in the autoexec.ncf file. I can mount the ISO image at the terminal prompt OK but would like to automate it like on NetWare. Since the files are on an NSS volume it will not work with a line in the fstab file as this is called before the NSS service starts and the NSS volumes mount. How can I set the ISO images to mount automatically when the server boots?