I have NW 6.5 SP7 FTP server running behind a BM3.8 SP5 NAT. The FTP service is configured for secure connections only. I connect to this from the private side and the public side as long as I'm using a public address.

Meaning, if I establish a dialup connection I can connect straight through NAT and the and the firewall to the FTP server on the private side.

However, if I connected from the private side of another network using the private address that goes through NAT back down through NAT of our BM server we have issues.

The user gets authenticated but the client cannot list the directories. Can and FTP client. I tried it from a few privately NAT'ed addresses with the same results. Port 20 / 21 open each time.

Same results occur with secure mode turned off. Can FTP pass through NAT twice ?