We currently use NW5.1 BM3.6sp2. We currently have BM setup to allow
http &
ftp proxy access to the internet through BM by having membership to an

'authorised users' NDS group, currently around 1000 users.

I have been asked to allow certain individuals to be able to view
video (Real Audio) etc but I must be able to allow\deny this by means
of a
new NDS group whereby membership would be required in order to use the

addionaly priveleges.

I have two questions:

1) Is this actually possible, to actually allow the additional proxies
a different NDS group?

2) Where do I begin?

I do have Craig Johnstons PDF book 'Beginers guide to BM 3.X' if
anyone can
point me to the correct section which deals with this issue I'd be