posted this originaly in the zen forum, but this one seems more appropriat.

Got my winxp sp2 workstations managed through zen7.1 and novell client 4.91sp4. latest patches. Using zen DLU & policies, no AD.
When laptop users logon (offline) to their laptops on a different network, e.g. home, it all works fine, but when they are at a dislocation with a (cisco) vpn router, it takes ages (many minutes in any case) for the login to complete.
I've debug & traced untill i found a really bad workaround, which is to rename the key 'HKLM\Software\Novell\NWGINA\Roaming Profiles\CachedProfilePaths' when laptops aren't on our network. This all happens in startupscript.
Effect is a not entirely reconciling profile when they afterwards log onto our internal network.
It all seems to lead to the cisco router not doing any ICMP inside the tunnel & the zen/novell nwgina not timing out on the profile dir. Tried doing al sorts of 'timeout shortening' & bad address/name caching, but that has no effect.
I've asked the networking guy to do ICMP inside, but that seems to be a problem to get it working.
Anyone know of a better workaround/fix/anything?