Hi Everyone

We currently have User Desktop Policies setup in our regional offices where users login and if an account doesn't exist on the local workstation (XP), an account gets created locally. We also have one for desktop preferences, group policy etc etc.

We also have a large number of users who are now homeworkers and they login to the workstation first | authenticate to the VPN | then login to Netware. All the above policies were set to run at user login which meant they didn't work for the remote workers, but I have now set them to run daily at specified times and the desktop preferences and group policy get dropped down fine.

The issue we have is that we need the NetWare password and Windows password to match and get synched automatically. At the moment the NetWare password changes every 40 days and the Windows password never expires. We need them to match because of encryption software we are testing which needs the passwords to be the same.

I thought I could change the dynamic local user policy to run daily as well, so it would see a local account already exists and match the passwords, but this doesn't seem to work.

Is there any other way or tool to use in the login script for example which would sync the local windows password to the netware password without the user having to do it manually?

Any help or guidance much appreciated.