One of our staff *has* to have an iPhone. It appears that he suddenly
developed problems being able to see the screen on his phone and as we
all know the iPhone cures blindness.

We pretty much say no, in a nice way. But he *must* have it, his life,
no the fate of world peace rests upon him obtaining one of these
devices. So he talks to a director, not just any director, but *the*

Flashback to ~3 years ago, this same staff member *had* to have some
expensive phone, got it, hated it and it ended up disappearing in to
the organisation somewhere and he got something that was more suitable.

So, the director says not a problem, even though we end up paying
nearly twice as much as a normal phone over the contract (has to be
signed on a 36 month contract and a 24 month data plan) aside from the
premium we have to pay to get the device anyways.

Phone arrives, user picks it up. Phone comes back the next day and is
returned for a credit.

He can't answer/dial out from the phone with one hand, it's difficult
to read the screen in certain light, text is small, it's too wide. No
way to have it fastened so you can put it around your neck (it goes
around from ship to ship a lot, so needs to be able to keep it out of
the way but very handy). I could go on, but in short it was horribly
impractical for him.

The same day a director of one of our subsidaries calls "I *must* have
an iPhone..."
So, need to explain the practicality and that it is actually more
expensive than a normal phone...