current setup - We have multiple NetWare 6.5 servers on Proliant hardware. The SYS volumes are on local drives and all data volumes are on a SAN connected via FCA and using SSP. All space on the SAN is accounted for and all the volumes are NSS formatted with default name spaces (DOS, MAC, NFS. LONG).
the goal - decommission the oldest hardware and at the same time convert the existing servers to Virtual Machines with VMWare Server 1.05 on Proliant G5 hardware.

the problem - the host OS is running VMWare server 1.05 with an FCA card in the host. Using the HP Array Configuration Utility, I assigned the new FCA to the same partition as the server I want to migrate. I have also created a pre-migration server VM, but cannot mount the SAN volumes as a drive.

We realized the first step is to mount the volume in the host, then it would be available to the VMs. The big question is "Is it possible to mount the volume in Linux without reformatting?" The only option we've been able to discover is to backup the data, format the volume and mount it on the host, then add it as a drive in the VM, then restore from the backup.