After I installed the new version of NWTAPE.CDM, which came in TSAUP22, TAPESVR.NLM from AS11.1SP3 failed to load properly. The NLM itself loaded OK. The Tape Server interface screen never showed up. And in 3 minutes the message was posted regarding the TAPESRV.NLM failure to load and an advice to look at the console screen for details. No details were available either on the Console or on the Logger screens. Attempts to unload TAPESVR.NLM lead to a compete clinch. Server reboot, sometimes via cold boot, was the only remedy

As I discovered the new NWTAPE supports newer SONY AIT drives which the old one apparently did not do. Since it supported the tape drive it was being automatically loaded by the OS and happily bound itself to the tape drive.

My troubleshooting showed plain unloading of NWTAPE in case of successful initial binding did not fix the conflict. Reboot was needed.

Apparently my workaround was to restore the older version of NWTAPE which solved the TAPESVR problem.

Here are my questions.
1. Is it possible to tell NetWare not to load NWTAPE.CDM at all?
2. If NWTAPE.CDM was successfully auto-loaded is there any way to unload it clean. It looks like good old UNLOAD NWTAPE way does not work in this case for some reason.

I will appreciate any insight on the NetWare internal workings applicable to resolving the issue.

Thank you,