I decided to find out how much Alfresco cost (not believing it was 20
big ones) so I sent in a request for pricing. Fifteen thousand dollars.
Holy guano batman. That thing better come in a golden box with some
golden toilet paper and a include a Apple iPhone 3G. Nmad that's
expensive. I was expecting a couple of grand, but I got sticker shock.
I think they truly priced the Enterprise version right out of the
hands of small business.

Anyway. So I sent an e-mail to the rep asking what you get for the
money. Haven't heard back from him yet.

With no support for WordPerfect and us switching to OpenOffice still a
distant thing I'm just not seeing Alfresco as a purchasing option. Then
again even if we were using OpenOffice I don't see it being an option.
Nmad that expensive. I think I will try out the free version though.

Matthew - The Great System Tyrant