Hi all,

I'm not sure if the problem I'm having is Netware or BorderManager
related, but I think it's the first one so I'll try my luck here. ;-)

One of our servers (Netware 6.5.7 - BorderManager 3.8 - secondary
Groupwise domain with GWIA and Webaccess) has been stable for many, many
years, all through different versions of Netware, BM and GW. Now,
recently we installed SP7 on this server and after that the TCP681K
patch. Because we haven't got any VPN's on the BM-server, we used the
TCPN folder of that patch.

Since installing the patch a few months ago, it has happened twice that
the server drop TCP/IP connectivity all together. I won't have to
explain the results of such an event here, do I? ;-)

I must admit that I didn't really start investigating this issue yet,
but I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the post SP7
TCP patch? Could there be situations, other than mentioned in the
readme, where I *should* have installed the patch from the TCPD folder?
We've also got a 2-node cluster at the same patchlevel as the BM-server
and they are running smoothly.

After the latest "crash" of the BM-server, I noticed a server message
that the logical address space was getting low. Could be memory related
then? The first time it happened, we didn't get that message.

I'll start troubleshooting now, but any pointers in the right direction
are ofcourse more than welcome!

Thanks in advance for reading this!