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My DNS Structure:

My school district is presently running OES NetWare 6.5 sp7 w/ the most recent named.nlm patch and eDir 8.8.2 on 15 servers. I have 9 servers running DHCP (each for their individual building) and 2 servers running DNS for the entire district. I have DDNS set to update each building into their own zone (such as, however I use the base domain ( for static and more perminent dns entries such as the servers, printers, WAPs, and internal websites. In case it matters, each building has seperate vlans setup for Servers, Printers, Wireless dhcp, Wired dhcp ... so it is the two dhcp vlans that are supposed to be updating into their own building Zone.

I am getting the following errors on my passive primary server:

error: unable to convert errno to isc_result: 22: bad or invallid handle
error: 24.172.IN-ADDR.ARPA.db.jnl: open: unexpected error
critical: unable to update the Journal Log File with the Journal Log Attribute, error value : unexpected error
error: zone unable tp update the memory and journal log file, with the value or the journal log attribute in the edirectory, error value : unexpected error

Also more or the same kind of errors ...

I am getting these errors on my designated primary server:

error: client [ip address]#xxxx: update '' denied

Which is OK because I have the zone set to no updates, because they should be updating to their building zone.

Other errors:

error: unable to convert errno to isc_result: 22: bad or invalid handle
error: open: unexpected error .... '' : Novell DDNS : Failure in write_to_journal_and_edir. add failed for forward zone

I have restarted the service as well as the servers, but DNS is just plain old sketchy. I have entries that I can see in the DHCP/DNS console that do not resolve with nslookup, on the server or a PC client.

Any ideas ?

Thank you,