I don't know if this is a question for the Remote Management area since it's also probably a mid-tier question.

I should first mention that we currently are using ZEN 7 looking possibly to upgrade to ZEN 10 next year, but looking at possibly adding a mid-tier server this year.

We are trying to find a solution to remote manage machines outside of the corporate network. We have about 30 machines at about 20 remote sites that sit outside of our corporate network. These machines don't have a hardware VPN tunnel, but rather a software VPN connection to access network resources. Some of these machines are used on a regular basis and some of them might go untouched for 30-60-90 days or even more.

Anyway, since these machines all do have software VPN on them, we want to stay on top of the machines as far as policies, antivirus updates, windows updates, and everything else. Without being able to remote manage them, it becomes difficult.

My question is whether it is possible, using a mid-tier server, can we administer these machines remotely without a user being there to sign in to the software VPN and give me ip information? A lot of these machines are always on, but not always connected to the network w/ the software VPN which times out after x-amount of time (a day, a week... I'm not sure). A lot of the documentation I've been reading seems to indicate that users use the desktop management agent to login thru the mid-tier server which sits in a DMZ which authenticates to the ZENworks server. I guess I want to know if we can get at these machines if we have a static IP and the machine is on, but it isn't logged using the Desktop Management Agent or Novell Client.