Hi All,

I added an access rule stating that VPN access is allowed from All.
When clicking OK to close the dialogbox in NWAdmin, NWAdmin crashed
and the
server lost possibility to communicate.
It's not able to ping itself except on
When I rebooted the server, everything seemed to come up normally
until I
saw an error described here:
After that, the strangest thing happens. a series of modules load very

fast(As they would normally do) and then, there's one that hangs for a

certain amount of time. The modules that hang are always the same(Like

_NSNI.NLM or portal.nlm).

I tried to run DSREPAIR. It takes a very long time to wait for the
to unlock(10+ minutes). The repair itself is very fast.
I disabled all filters and unloaded BM, no effect.

I checked INETCFG and all settings are correct. I removed all filters

It's a Netware 6 box with BM3.7(Freshly installed).

Does anyone have ANY idea? Please?