I'm preparing a NW 6.5 server for Migration, but I'm new to a
couple of the Volume attribute settings--and how they may

We'll have about a 100-150 Users connecting to the server.
The drives are mostly for File Storage and are setup on a RAID 5,
using 4 - 15k (300GB) disks. One NSS Pool has been setup, but
with a fewVolumes, including a Work (Shared) Volume, and a Home

- Snapshot . . . I never worked with this feature before, so I don't
know what to expect in terms of performance. Most files are
of the .doc and .xls variety, but we have some Users working
with graphics--which they don't resize. So, we're talking about
35MB pictures. Also, some .mp3 audio clips for some ads.

- TTS . . . the write-up mentions this is good for databases.
We have the odd user (no pun intended) who may work
with a database saved to a network drive. Even though
most of the files will be documents or graphic files, does
it still make sense to use TTS for the odd user?

I realize there are many other factors, here . . . we've moved to
a Switched environment, all our servers are on Gb-ports, everyone
else should be running at 100Mb/FD. The Destination server a
Dell PE2950--moving from a Dell PE2650 . . . but laying aside
these other factors, what advise can someone offer on the
use of these attributes?