I have a BM 3.7 server running on NW 6 SP2, and I can not pull up logs
than March 25th 2003. When I look at the files the Extended and
Common are
creating, they go back to January of 2003.

I try to pull up either Audit logs, or Access Control logs and they
both do
the same thing.

I tried to get the data we need from the Common or Extended files, but
don't think it is there. We are looking for data by user that shows
amount of bandwidth more or less that they used, and what sites they
used it
on. The Audit log gives you the cache hit and miss, along with the
size of
data transfered, which is what we need.

The other problem that we have, is excell does not seem to want to
pull all
the data in, it gives an error saying not all records were read in,
and you
only end up with part of your users. Access pulls in all the data,
but I
can't get it back out sorted by user and totaled by size of bandwidth
(at least not quick and user friendly) I can pull the common and
into excell, but the files are only 10mb, which means I have about 5
to 7
files per day to read in, and it is not easy to bring all files into
spreadsheet, plus I can't tell what the numbers mean and where the
"size of
bandwith used" is located.

What I need, is to pick out the data of one user and the bandwidth
they used
for one day. Excell works well because you can export it as sorted by
then do a "data subtotals" and have it subtotal on the size of data.
then breaks it all down and groups it by user, but it won't pull in a
days data.

Any suggestions.