Hi there,

We have a strange problem with NetStorage:

every time we store a file on our servers via NetStorage the timestamp
of the file is shown 1.5 hours in the future.

Affected systems:
Server: Novell Open Enterprise Server 6.5 (SP07) + NetStorage
Client: WinXP SP2 German with webDAV connection or Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 3.0

This happens every time we save a file. It does not matter if we use
the web interface or the webDAV connection we configured in XP.

The strange thing is: when I look at the files on the server the
timestamps of the files are all ok. The files have physically the
correct attribute, this attributes are shown correctly on the server
and on the clients(by network share), but when I check the same file
with the NetStorage web interface it is shown wrong.

This also affect files which are not even uploaded by NetStorage, so
I suppose there is a Problem with NetStorage or tomcat adding 1.5 hours
to the timestamps when presenting them in the GUI.

I have no idea why this happens or where to change this.
Has anybody experienced the same problem?