Just about to finish upgrading to 10.1, when i ran in to a little bit of trouble..


Was doing post-upgrade tasks:
/opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-configure -c ImportUpdate

When i got this:
[2008.08.07-10:37:15] INFO: Administrative credentials have been verified.
[2008.08.07-10:37:15] INFO: Using Administrator in zone my_zone
[2008.08.07-10:37:18] SEVERE: We were unable to import the system-wide update from the selected

Message: Error: Could not connect to the ZENworks Server. Ensure that the
server is running, and the host and port information specified is correct.

Checked the Zenworks server and it was running, even tried to reboot the server.
Cant seem to find any reason for the error in any of the logs...?
...Am i looking in the right logs? Witch should i look in?

System is SLES10SP1 with embedded Sybase database.
ZCM was
Logging in to ZCC is working just fine.
All other services is running when checked.

Thanks /Jocke