About 1.5 weeks ago our server quit accepting any uploaded files when you try to add new bundles. Imaging uploads work fine. 6.5 Terabytes open disk space on the drive array housing content, 50 GB on system disk.

Failed bundles include MSI files, IPrint printer bundles that include the IPrint client, file-copy bundles, etc. Anything that requires an uploaded file fails.

Bundles that do not need uploaded files like IPrint without the client install, registry pushes, etc work fine. Existing bundles work fine.

When viewing content server for the attempted bundle, the server shows as unavailable. Client install of bundle fails with an error saying "Content for XXXX Policy is not available at this time"

SUSE Enterprise 10.1 (OES 2 is NOT installed)
Zenworks 10.1 (error carried over from Zenworks 10.0.3)

Client stations:
WinXP SP2, Tested with Zen clients 10.0.1 - 10.1 with same results
Win2K SP4, Same clients tested

Combined with our Error:95 attempting to auto-image I'm really starting to hate Zen 10. We never had any issues with Zen 7.