We have a Netware 6.5 SP6 server that is one of our primary file servers. This same server is currently hosting Zenworks 7 (no SPs or patches). We've been having an issue where if we start the Zen Inventory Database (Sybase), it abends the server. Obviously this is not a good thing because when it abends, users are unable to get to their files. After some consideration, we thought maybe it'd be a good idea to get Zen moved off the server completely.

What we'd like to do is simply stand up a new Netware server just for Zen SP1IR3a. Outside of changing the Zenwsimport DNS alias to point to the new server, does anything else need to be done? Our policy objects and applications currently point to the primary file server which we intend to keep in place so we should not have to change anything there because the paths will still exist, correct?

Any other gotchas to think about or is it really as simple as build new server, install Zen, change DNS alias, then remove Zen from the old server? In terms of removal from the old server, is there a recommended practice for this or just REM out the commands that start the Zen services?