I just recieved a call from a fellow admin seeking advice. He has two
wireless routers. A Linksys & Netgear.

Netgear: Primary router for the office. Serves as DHCP server for wired
and wireless. Running WAP2 Running on a 10.0.0.x network
Linksys: Wireless only. Used for setting up porable demonstration kits for
use on the road. Running on a 10.10.254.x network. Older unit. Likely not
support WAP2.

Situation: Both routers were powered on. The Linksys was NOT hard wired the
office network at all. Some hard wired desktops connected to the Netgear
router (via a switch) were now getting 10.10.254.x DHCP assignments.

When he logged into teh Netgear, all the network/DHCP server settings were
still configured with 10.0.0x

It is almost as if the wireless settings from the older linksys
(10.10.254.x) were slipping into the wired network via the Netgear. Almost
like a back door piggy back router thing going on.

Any thoughts?