This sounds totally crazy... But has anyone else tried to get a logon
script to run from a windows AD distributed Group Policy after
Client32's removal?

We have a few new mobile technologies that conflict with Client32, so we
are giving clientless/CIFS a shot. Since we also have a fairly robust Ad
implementation, we figured we could still have logon script
functionality but distributed by GP. On a fresh install PC, this works
like a charm. I can map a drive to a NetWare server using a logon script
distributed by AD without issue. HOWEVER, the whole GP logon script
process breaks on a PC that has had Client32 removed. The GP debugging
says it can't find the path and since it can't, of course the script
doesn't run. Other GP's work and apply, it just has something to do with
the logon script process.

Anybody seen something like this?