I have a NW 6.5SP7 OS with 3.9 SP1 BorderManager running on a Proliant DL360 G3 with 4 GB of RAM. Processor is a 3 GHz Xeon. I have upwards of 4500 Client Connections with over 5000 Connections in use. Cache hits are about 24% (after 12 hours of uptime) and Oldest Cache buffer is about 1 hour. The server has been tuned following Craig's Tuneup.ncf and I have updated the proxy.cfg with his recommended changes.

The problem we are having is that for a couple of Web sites people will get disconnected. It is not all the time but enough that it is annoying. I am trying to determine if this server is just overloaded or if there are other configuration problems. Do the above stats look like a server that doesn't have enough horsepower for the number of connections?

I have already maxed out the memory. NetWare can't use more than 4 GB, right? If I increase the processor speed and/or increase the number of processors, would that help at all?