to be on the safe side, we off course will be doing it again and again
in a lab-only enviroment first..

But,, Beeing new to zen10, I must say it's even difficult sorting out
which .iso is which....Yeah, adminstudio I get, but then there's 3
other ISO's which is....what..??

Anyway,, as stated, we got 2 good server to be used, both with

Since I have them, any idea of best way to maybe "split" the install
between those 2 servers ?
Previously it looked as if zen10 was 1-server solution /per zone,
now, the DB and the reporting-server are standalone installs, so,
any benefit to use x+y on 1 server and the "z" on the other ??

Trying to follow the doc's,, but that isn't to easy.
Doesn't looks as if there's any books written about this product yet