we're running BM 3.7 w/sp1
NW 6 w/sp2
Cpfilter.nlm ver 5.00.04

I have rules set up to deny using 3rd party filter - SurfControl and
no students can get to yahoo or hotmail webmail, plus a couple of
extra for generic tcp access coming in.

Now, if a browser (either MS Explorer or NetScape) is set to use a
proxy, it will be denied access if it goes to a URL on the filter
list. However; if the browser is set to direct internet connection,
some of the sites are not blocked.

For example: penth*use, play*oy and hustl*r are all blocked with
manual proxy settings, for direct connection only penth*use and
play*oy are blocked. Hustl*r get through.

How can I get around this and have the rules work no matter what the browser's prefs. are set to?

Thank you,