Hello all,

Normally, everything is rock solid. We put on the iprntnw657b patch and now I am having problems. I know, the simple fix is to back it off. Don't want to do that in the middle of an issue.

Simply put, when we add or delete a printer, not everything is in sync. sometimes the printer will be in the IPP web page, but not be on the netware NDPSM console or in iManager or C1. Other times any number of issues or visual things will happen. It will be in the NDPSM console screen and no place else.

We think that the NDPS database is corrupt. Everytime we resync it, we go from 90 printers to some goofball number like 68, 21, 96, etc. We have to rebuild from NDS in order to get things working again.

If I didn't mention it, we do have PCounter.

DS IS GOOD! I have been looking at it and everything looks fine. I had someone come in to take a look at it and they confirmed it well.