Anyone and Everyone,

I have an ICP hierarchy in place and things are functioning properly
for all my rules. But I do get an message on site proxy servers at
time that state: ICP Parent(s) - not reacheable. Should I be
concerned about this message?

Also, I read that Rules based on NDS objects at parent servers are not
recognized. So if I understand correctly NDS objects (groupes, users,
containers) choosen at the Source option will not work unless created
on the Child(individual site) Proxy? The reason I ask is because I
want to centralize rules on parent server which I can do for the most
part except when I associate a rule to a NDS object. It doesn't work
for a particular container, group, or individual users.

For example: I have rules on a parent proxy. They are all working
properly. But when I make a rule on this parent proxy concerning NDS
object (a group can't access this site). This does not work.

Francis Cazabon
Administrateur de réseau / Network Administrator École Secondaire