Had another problem with iPrint after updating an NW65SP3 box (OES 1) to

Besides having difficulty getting the iPrint client auto-update to work
(had to copy the nipp.exe back to the old client location under apache)
but then they couldn't print. Printers were all in an error state,
and removing the iPrint client and installing client again left me
unable to install any printers from the ipp website. I would get a "301
- Moved Permanently" error when I'd click on a printer to install it.
There is also an apache re-write for this I believe, and it may not be
working either. Novell support KB is strangely silent on these errors,
so I must be the only person in the known universe to go from SP3 to
SP7...because it seems like this action totally hoses iPrint. I was
able to get this client up temporarily by reverting their iPrint client
back to 4.05.

This particular client does not have the iprntnw65sp7a yet, but I could
not find anything in there to indicate the url redirect stuff was
addressed. I'm thinking this is something broken in the apache rewrite
rule somewhere.

Any additional ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,