Okay, if I'm installing new onto blade hardware that boots from the SAN,
after spending a few weeks banging my head, it would seem:

Things not to do:

1) Do not use one "device" (ie, LUN), as converting to EVMS later just
plain doesn't work

2) Do not make just / and /swap (like the default install wants).
You'll only hose yourself later if you need more room.

So my "what TO do" questions/ideas:

In "netware" world, we just created one LUN for DOS/SYS. Expanding
things was no big deal (expand the LUN in Xiotech SAN and expand the NSS

1) Can I do the same IF I install OES with EVMS (I think appendix A.1
in the docs)? My main concern is expanding the root partition.

2) Or do I make 1 "boot" LUN that just has /boot and swap on it and
then another LUN for "/" and partition it out so that /opt and /var are
separate partitions along with "/" on the same physical disk?

3) Use EVMS from the get-go for ALL LUN's partitions?

Sorry for the dumb questions, but our Unix folks are familiar with
Solaris and not EVMS, so I have nowhere else to really get ideas and
experience from.

Oh, and to further complicate issues, this is going to be using Qlogic
multi-pathing setup as well.