I'm rumming BM3.7 sp2 on Netware 6, sp2 with surf control cpfilter. I

recently changed the public ip address of the server, made what I
were all the necessary changes, and everything else works fine (GWIA,

WebAccess, Webserver) but when I start Border Manager It starts
the rules from NDS and never finishes. There is an abend on the server

and no rules are applied. The rest of BM seems to work (caching,
transparent proxy, etc..)

I have reapplied sp1 and sp2. I downloaded BM3RMALL.nlm and ran it,
re-created the NDS info, restarted the server, and still the abend
reading the rules. I had previously deleted all the rules and
enforce rules.

And I have run the unattended full dsrepair until no errors.

The only tid I saw that looks like it may help indicates that I should

remove ds from the server. I'd like to avoid this if there is any

If not, this server contains the master replicas for 10 servers. Will
need to move all the masters to other servers before removing ds?
Anything else I should worry about?

Thanks for any help