I try to install (OES2 Linux) DNS server in clusterd configuration, as
described at documentation, chapter "Configuring DNS with Novell
Cluster Services", "15.3.3 Installing and Configuring a Cluster".

Step 10 says to start novell-named manually. But instead of starting,
novell-named shows the error "novell-named: clusterpath not found".

I've used the command line "/opt/novell/named/bin/novell-named -u named
-V /media/nss/DNS/ -d 9". Path to the shared NSS volume is ok and it is

It might be a rights issue, but starting novell-named with the newly
created eDir user for DNS (instead of local linux user "named") does not
solve the problem (but this user has file system rights on the NSS
volume, checked this).

Do I have to enter the eDir user anywhere else, to make novell-named
recognize him? Or what else is the problem with novell-named?