Is anyone getting problems with updating the latest DB.

I'm running NW6sp2 and BM37sp1 with 2Gb RAM and am getting out of
messages!! Everything was fine until a couple of days ago.

I've got the correct cpfilter.nlm and the alloc setting in the csp ini
is set to 280 as it needs to be increased constantly to keep up with

I've currently got CDB version 656 which is 145Mb in size, but when
the the
update happens at 2am the server reports short of memory.

The cpfilter log shows

Sun Apr 27 02:00:01 2003] Beginning LiveUpdate procedure
[Sun Apr 27 02:00:05 2003] LiveUpdate: Current Database Version is 656

[Sun Apr 27 02:03:28 2003] LiveUpdate: Error occurred opening file
[Sun Apr 27 02:03:28 2003] Ending LiveUpdate procedure

The csp list log shows

Sun Apr 27 02:00:01 2003] Starting LiveUpdate for SurfControl ContentDatabase
[Sun Apr 27 02:03:28 2003] LiveUpdate session failed. Error = 8
[Sun Apr 27 02:03:28 2003] LiveUpdate for SurfControl Content Database
be retried after 600 seconds

I've read Craigs notes from Brainshare and I know that SurControl have
problems with some updates recently. It would be great if;

1. SurfControl would get there updates running correctly
2. They would sort out the memory issues so I don't have to shove
loads of
memory in the server!!

Any help appreciated. In the meantime I'll give them a ring to see if
it's a
corrupt database issue and if so get them to mail me the latest zip