We have a problem with password policies at the Nw client 4.91 sp3/sp4.
We have configured a universal password policy at the users container. But the password policy is not really active. When the user is change is password with ctr-alt-del and he is clicking the password policy button. The password policy dialog box is not displaying the configured password policy settings. Changing the password in this configuration only changes the nds password, and not the universal password.
After removing and reinstalling the niciclient, and reinstalling the nwclient,everthing is working fine: The password policy dialog box displays the current passwordpolicy settings, and when changing the password, also the universal password is changed. (at the serverside no changes are needed).
Because we have this problem at a 1200 clients, i'm looking for a solution without reinstalling the clients. Because this is not possible without userintervention. What is the reason that the policy is not active used by the client

WHo can help me.