I have a BorderManager 3.7 sp2 server. I recently setup
(sso and ssl). We are running clntrust and it worked great, those not

running clntrust were prompted to authenticate, everything working as

expected. The problem is we have a few Win2k servers that need to get

access to the internet without authenticating. From posts I've been reading it seems like I should be able to set this up using access
I set an access rule allowing access from the static ip address of the

server and checked 'authenticate only when user attempts to access a restricted site' and that allowed access for those servers without
prompting for authentication, however, users running client trust had
access. I figured this is from the default deny rule now that I have

access rules enabled. I'm not sure how to set the rule that allows
(or pops up ssl screen) for everyone else without allowing them access

without authenication. Any help would be appreciated.