We have been applying user group policies recently to assist in locking down our Desktops etc. This had been going quite well until just the other day when we started to apply to some additional parts of the business.

The policy, although it appears to have run according to wmsched does not properly apply on all PCs. On some PCs it is OK and on others it is not.

It seems as though the problem is related to an old version of zenpol32.dll in the windows\system32 directory. We do have a later version in the Zenworks directory as well. From what I have been able to determine we should only have one zenpol32.dll and it needs to be in the Zenworks directory and this directory must be in the path.

ON one of the PCs I am testing with I have made sure we have the latest zenpol32.dll in the Zenworks directory, and that this directory is in the path and I have renamed the older zenpol32.dll file in windows\system32 to zenpol32.dll.old. I didn't want to lose it completely in case there were other issues.

But now when I login after entering the Novell credentials at the Novell login screen there is a pause and then I get an application error indicating a problem with winlogon.exe. The PC then reboots. If I try to login workstation only I can get in but I then also get winlogon.exe errors. I can then rename the dll in the system32 directory back so that I can then login properly but of course the policy does not apply as before.

Clearly there is some sort of hook form winlogon.exe to the older DLL. Is there some way that I can somehow get winlogin to recognise the newer DLL so that I can at least check that this will ficx my initial problem.