Good morning,

I have been working to resolve some DNS errors I was getting and it has brought me back to some general settings questions.

I have two DNS servers for my network, here are the questions:

I have the first server setup as the "Designated Primary" the the second server setup as "Passive Primary", both servers are "Authoritative DNS Servers" ... the "Zone Type" for both servers is Primary.

Is that setup correct ? Or should the second DNS server (setup for redundany if the first server goes down) be setup as a "Secondary" Zone Type ?

Should the "resolve.cfg" file list only the Domain Name and the single ip address of the DNS server the file resides on (pointing to itself), or should it have the ip addresses of both my DNS servers ?

How do I verify that my "Designated Primary" DNS server is updating the "Passive Primary" DNS server ? Should I have the ip address of the Passive Primary DNS server in the "Also Notify" (under the Control Lists tab) ?
Or is that just for possible other DNS servers that do not read from eDirectory ?

If I do not want my DNS server to forward DNS requests to the outside DNS server for my internal network, how do I set that with Novells DNS Recurssion ?

And one last question: Is it possible to have the DDNS update two different Reverse Lookup Zones ?

Thank you for this information,