I'm trying to figure out how to sync login usernames and password when going through a Novell client login.

Just to clarify what I mean is this...

On a PC with multiple users, I want to be able to log in w/o having to enter my username and password twice. This seemed to be possible with an older (not sure what version) of the Novell Client. But I reinstalled XP Pro and ever since then every time a user logs off and another user logs in, after entering your novell credentials a second box pops up asking you for your windows login info (to pull up the desktop profile).

All profiles are local, and yes I've tried checking the box that says sync your Novell password with your Windows password.

It's really quite annoying that you have to constantly enter the user login info twice. There must be a way around this. Every user here needs their own desktop so a single desktop login is not a solutions for me.