Now that ZCM 10.1 has been released, we'd like to move our production
environment ZCM 10.0.3 server running under Linux to a different
server running ZCM 10.1 under Windows (for now, we're running the zone
on a single server.....)

Any advice as to how to do this most efficiently? Can we simply
install 10.1 to the Windows server using the same zone identification,
backup the embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere database, restore it to the
new Windows server, change the IP address of the Windows server to the
one used by the old Linux server and call it a day (I expect it's not
that simple)?

For the adaptive agents currently deployed (~250) - will they see the
new server simply by virtue of the IP address/DNS name or will there
be some issue with a security certificate?

I wish I had time to read through the numerous PDFs (I miss hard
copy...) and plan this independently, but we'll have many students
here starting Friday and I want to try to have the ZCM process as
efficient and stable as possible by then (we're relying on it to
deliver a vast array of customized configuration via bundles).

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can provide that can assist.